Roller blinds the easy way
Materials and Equipment
Whether you choose to measure and cut your roller blind yourself, or buy made to measure, each method required some form of equipment. Here are some researched and trusted sellers and best tools for the job.


Tape measure
I recommend both a soft plastic measuring tape and a self retracting tape measure. These items can be found at any DIY shop, and I’d advise to look for the most inexpensive option in your area. Think small businesses and shops, and not large DIY chains such as B&Q or Homebase.

Fabric scissors
I suggest these fabric scissors from amazon. They’re reliable, and make cutting easy and accurate you don’t need much more from a pair of scissors.

Sewing machine
I suggest using a machine that you’ve worked on before. If you don’t have a sewing machine ask around friends and family before buying one, unless you plan to use it for future projects also. If you’re only planning on using the machine for your blinds, and can’t borrow one, browse the second hand and charity shops in your area, or a miniature hand held sewing machine like this one.

A universal drill from a standard tool kit should be fine for this project.

Made to Measure

Tape Measure and drill as above

Trusted retailer

Here is a made to measure roller blind retailer I have had no problem with, quick delivery and helpful service, and a huge selection of colours. The fabric also seems to be of high quality from what I’ve purchased so far.
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