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Made To Measure Vs Cutting and Fitting – Why Made To Measure is Better
Roller blinds are a popular choice for homes throughout the UK, however cutting, measuring and fitting roller blinds is no easy task. Installing roller blinds yourself can be a frustrating, and time consuming. Made to measure blinds, while sometimes a more costly option, will guarantee a professional outcome, without the headache!

Why is made to measure better?

Lack of equipment

There’s nothing worse than getting fired up to start a home maintenance job, to find out you’re missing half the tools you need in order to do it properly. Your enthusiasm will quickly run out after your third run to the DIY shop.

Why made to measure is better

With made to measure the only tools you’ll need is a humble tape measure and a drill, your blind will arrive the perfect size, and with instructions, so there’s no guess work required. There are also many measuring guides and tutorials online, so measuring couldn’t be easier.

Less cost efficient

When cutting and fitting your own roller blinds, it’s wise to buy extra material in case of any mistakes when cutting to size, however this method is likely to create waste material.

Why made to measure is better

With made to measure roller blinds, the blinds are made exactly to the size needed, so there’s no need to trim off excess, and no waste!

Less Time Efficient

Measuring, cutting and installing roller blinds takes up your valuable time and effort, and in order to get the fit just right, a lot of patience and good handy skills may be required, not to mention sewing and sewing machine skills! If the fit isn’t right and you do have to cut off excess material, this will require closing the raw edges of the blind.

Why made to measure is better

Buying made to measure means as soon as your blinds arrive you’ll be able to quickly fit and install them, knowing the fit will be perfect. No extra time is taken up adjusting the length and width of the material, or cutting off excess fabric.

The end result may look unprofessional

Even if you’re no stranger to DIY and home improvement, cutting and fitting blinds yourself may not result in the same outcome as it would if they were professionally made. If your blind is slightly too big or small this can make a big impact on how it looks overall, and can even disrupt the balance of the room.

Why made to measure is better

Good roller blind retailers use modern machinery and up to date equipment, some of which is unavailable for home use. Made to measure roller blind retailers should also have a lot of experience in the field, and therefore create a professional result.
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